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Letter to Felicia Montealegre Bernstein, 8/15/57

Letter to Felicia Montealegre Bernstein, 8/15/57
1997, Estate of Leonard Bernstein. By Permission of Amberson, Inc.

West Side Story opened in Washington D.C. in August, 1957. Bernstein wrote this letter to his wife Felicia on August 15, the week before the premiere.

"Well, look-a me. Back to the nation's capitol, & right on the verge. This is Thurs. We open Mon. Everyone's coming, my dear, even Nixon and 35 admirals. Senators abounding, & big Washington-hostessy type party afterwards in Lennuhtt's [a play on the pronunciation of "Leonard"] honor. See what you miss by going away. Then next Sunday, which is my birthday, there is the Jewish version -- a big party for me, but admission is one Israel bond. All helps the show. We have a 75 thou. Advance, & the town is buzzing. Not bad. I have high hopes.."