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Letter to Felicia Montealegre Bernstein, 8/8/57

Letter to Felicia Montealegre Bernstein, 8/8/57
1997, Estate of Leonard Bernstein. By Permission of Amberson, Inc.

On August 8, 1957, Bernstein wrote this letter to his wife Felicia about his work on West Side Story.

".I missed you terribly yesterday -- we wrote a new song for Tony that's a killer, & it just wasn't the same not playing it first for you. It's really going to save his character -- a driving 2/4 in the great tradition (but of course fucked up by me with 3/4s and whatnot) -- but it gives Tony balls -- so that he doesn't emerge as just a euphoric dreamer.

"These days have flown so -- I don't sleep much; I work every -- literally every -- second (since I'm doing four jobs on this show -- composing, lyric-writing, orchestrating and rehearsing the cast). It's murder, but I'm excited. It may be something extraordinary. We're having our first run thru for PEOPLE on Friday -- Please may they dig it!."