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Stephen Sondheim to Bernstein, 9/26/57

Stephen Sondheim to Bernstein, 9/26/57

Stephen Sondheim, lyricist of West Side Story, wrote this letter to Bernstein on September 26, 1957, the date of the New York premiere of the show.

".West Side Story means much more to me than a first show, more even than the privilege of collaborating with you and Arthur [Laurents] and Jerry [Robbins]..

"I don't think I've ever said to you how fine I think the score is, since I prefer kidding you about the few moments I don't like to praising you for the many I do. West Side Story is as big a step forward for you as it is for Jerry or Arthur or even me and, in an odd way, I feel proud of you.

"May West Side Story mean as much to the theater and to people who see it as it has to us."